Travis Scott Gave Buddy A Maybach SUV For His Wedding

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Travis Scott clearly likes to look out for what we’re assuming are his closest friends. La Flame hooked up one of the aforementioned with a Maybach SUV for his wedding gift.

That certainly covered the cost of the rapper’s plate at the reception and then some.

TMZ covered the details you surely care about.

Check out this video of La Flame surprising his friend and creative director, Corey Damon Black, with a brand new Maybach SUV as a wedding gift this past week. There were a ton of cameras on Corey to film his reaction — and by all accounts, he was stunned and stoked.

Corey strikes some poses in front of the sweet whip, and then goes over to kiss his bride. He also hugged and thanked Trav from the outset … rightly so, it’s an awesome present.

The Maybach here appears to be a GLS 600 SUV — which retails for around $160k to upwards of $200k … depending on the specifications you get. Considering this is TS — who was picking one out for the guy who handles the look of his concerts, album art and a lot of other stuff that helps Trav sell out — something tells us he got this puppy fully loaded.

Besides his music and legion of fans, Travis Scott’s portfolio includes deals with McDonald’s. Jordan Brand and Sony Playstation. Also, besides serving the community via his Cactus Jack Foundation, he just dropped his own spiked seltzer.

Considering his gig working for the highly successful Travis Scott, we trust he can hold down the insurance payments for the new whip.

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