HBK Banz Presents His New Single For Us

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Lenardo Cushmeer Jr. known artistically as Hbk Banz is a multi-talented rapper, writer, and entertainer hailing from the Westside of Chicago. At a very young age, he began going to the studio with his father and rapping at the ripe age of 3 years old.

After going through many highs and lows in life, music was the one constant that remained in Hbk Banz’s world. He became serious about pursuing music full time and released his first single ‘Penny Hardaway’ in 2015 that he dedicated to his late mother.

Hbk Banz music is distinctive, fun, and captures the audience with its melodic harmonies, heavy beats, and rhythmic flow. From original sounds and lyrics that are inspired by real-life experiences, he connects on a deep level with his audience.

He has collaborated with well-known Chicago artists like Lil Chris and has performed at iconic Chicago venues such as Club 2121 and Structure.

Hbk Banz is signed to independent music label Boss of Bosses and currently has over 25k monthly listeners on Spotify and is working on releasing more music by the end of this year. 

CHICAGO, IL —  “FOR US” was written by Lenardo Cushmeer Jr. (HBK BANZ) and produced by JuvyCatcher, LayZ, Razy. “FOR US” features energetic, melodic, and honest sounds that tell the story of two star-crossed lovers from the streets of Chicago.

This song explores the intricate relationship that HBK Banz has with his love interest to a degree of honesty and intimacy that many are afraid of addressing.

With catchy guitar riffs and deep bass, this song channels all the summer vibes that may have you thinking of a past summer fling that never got the closure desired. ‘For Us’ will be available for streaming on all major platforms on August 27th, 2021.

Contact: celeste@webelieverecords.com

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